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Monetized web page

A page on a monetized website that contains the necessary meta tag defining the page's receiving address (payment pointer).

Payment pointer

A secure URL that points to a payment initiation endpoint on the web. The payment pointer is provided by the Web Monetization receiver. See Payment pointers for more info.


The person with the receiving wallet account. Also see Web Monetization receiver.


The person with the sending wallet account. Also see Web Monetization provider.

User agent

The user's web browser. In this context, the browser has implemented the JavaScript API and has an installed/registered Web Monetization agent.

The terms user agent and browser are used interchangeably throughout the documentation.

Web Monetization agent

A component or service, such as an extension, installed in a user agent (browser). The Web Monetization agent determines which websites to pay and how much to pay them.

Web Monetization provider

The digital entity (wallet) sending micropayments. Also referred to as the Web Monetization sender. See Sending payments for more information.

Web Monetization receiver

The digital entity (wallet) receiving micropayments. See Receiving payments and ILP wallets for more info.

Web Monetization session

Each page load or refresh is a unique session. The browser generates a unique session ID which the website can use to correlate incoming payments to the Web Monetization receiver to a client-side context.

Receipt Verifier

A service operated by the monetized website or third party that verifies payment receipts issued by the Web Monetization receiver and emitted to the web page by the User agent during a session.