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XRP Tipbot


XRP TipBot is no longer operational. You can withdraw your funds or you can link your account to Uphold and migrate your balance.

Uphold is in the process of obtaining a BitLicense in the state of New York. Until the BitLicense is issued they cannot support cryptocurrency transactions. If you reside in New York, you’ll need to withdraw your funds from the TipBot. You can still set up an Uphold account for fiat money but it won’t be linked to XRP TipBot.

Migrate to Uphold#

Connect your account#

  1. Sign in to your XRP TipBot account.

  2. Click Continue to the next step.

  1. Click Register if you don’t have an Uphold account yet. You’ll be taken to Uphold’s sign up page.

  2. If you do have an Uphold account, click Connect.

  1. If you clicked Connect, review the information on this page carefully.

  1. Click OK, connect to Uphold. Uphold’s sign in page opens.
  1. Sign in to your account. You’ll be prompted to authorize Uphold to connect to XRP TipBot.
  1. Click Authorize.

After you authorize Uphold, your browser might take you back to the XRP TipBot screen with the OK, connect to Uphold button. That’s fine. Uphold will send you a confirmation email within a few minutes.

Migrate your balance#

If you have a balance in your TipBot account, you’ll find a notification and button to migrate your balance to your linked Uphold account. Wait until you’ve received the confirmation email before migrating.

Click Migrate then access your Uphold account. Locate the XRP account card on the dashboard. This card contains the balance from your XRP TipBot account.

If you want to continue receiving XRP to this card, you’ll need to generate a new payment pointer, then add the pointer to any of your personal websites that use the monetization meta tag.

If you want to want to convert some or all of your balance to a different currency, or move your XRP to another XRP card (if you already have one), you can do that too. Your Uphold account lets you receive funds on any currency card using Interledger (ILP). You are not limited to receiving only XRP.

Generate a payment pointer for new XRP card#

  1. Click the card.

  1. Click Add Funds.

  1. Click Fund from Interledger Payment Pointer.

  1. Click Generate payment pointer.

  1. Copy your payment pointer.

  1. Add your payment pointer to any personal websites using the monetization meta tag.

Convert or move your XRP TipBot balance#

When you sign up for Uphold, they provide you with a few empty (unfunded) cards set up for different currencies. If you want to convert your XRP TipBot balance to another currency or move your balance to an existing XRP card (if you already have one), perform the following steps.

  1. Click your XRP TipBot card.

  1. Click Send to Uphold Card.

  1. Select the Transfer To card. Enter the amount of XRP you want to transfer. The screen will refresh to show how much the XRP is worth if your Transfer To card is in a different currency.
  1. Click Confirm.

Withdraw your funds#

Click Withdraw your funds.

Complete the withdrawal form and click Withdraw.