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Get involved



  • Update the existing Web Monetization v1 tools/libraries to the latest spec.
  • Create new Web Monetization tools/plugins for frameworks and libraries.
  • Build applications with new and varied use cases around Web Monetization. For example, you could:
    • Add Web Monetization to your favorite open source project.
    • Create tools to allow websites to interact with web monetized visitors. Visual indicators, like celebration confetti, thank you notes, or payment counters are just a few ways to promote interaction.
  • Contribute to the ILF’s Web Monetization extension by coding or testing.

Community events and hackathons

  • Join us at the Interledger Summit and participate in our annual hackathon.
  • Organize your own hackathons, coding sprints, and installa-thons, both online and offline. Run campaigns and encourage participants to develop, collaborate on, and test projects.



  • Contribute to the docs by suggesting additions and improvements.
  • Create tutorials and guides to help others in the community work with Web Monetization.

Review our contribution guide for details.