Probabilistic Revshare Generator

Probabilistic revenue sharing (revshare) is one way to share a portion of a web monetized page’s earnings between multiple payment pointers.

Use this tool to define a list of payment pointers and their weights. Then, add the generated monetization link element to your site. The link will contain a unique URL hosted on If you'd prefer to not use a hosted URL, you can set up revshare by adding a script to your site.

Define a new revshare

Enter each payment pointer that will receive a split of the revenue into the table below. Names are optional. Click Add Share to add more rows.

You can adjust by percent after two payment pointers are added to the table. Updating one field will update the remaining fields automatically.

As you adjust weights and percentages, the link element generated below will change. Don’t copy the link until you’re finished. Then, add the link to your site.