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Add Web Monetization to a page

This page provides basic instructions for adding Web Monetization to a web page. If you’re new to web monetizing content, this guide is a great place to start.


  • Web monetized pages must be secure and served over HTTPS.
  • You must have the wallet address assigned to you by your WM receiver.

Monetize a page

To add Web Monetization to a page, add the monetization <link> element to the page’s <head>.

The element’s rel value is always monetization. The href value is your wallet address. If your wallet address is a payment pointer, it must be entered in URL format.

For example:

<title>My Site</title>
<link rel="monetization" href="https://wallet.example/alice" />

A single HTML document can contain multiple monetization <link> elements; however, it’s up to each WM provider to decide how they want to handle this scenario. We recommend WM providers split the payments evenly between the links.

Next steps

Now that you’ve web monetized your page, you can choose to remove ads, provide exclusive content, or respond to monetization events in some other way when a web monetized visitor accesses your page.