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HTML <link> rel=monetization

The <link> element enables you to add Web Monetization to an HTML document. The rel value must be monetization. The href value must be a URL representing an Open Payments-enabled wallet address, such as a payment pointer.

<link rel="monetization" href="https://wallet.example/alice" />

A single HTML document can contain multiple monetization <link> elements; however, it’s up to each WM provider to decide how they want to handle this scenario. We recommend WM providers split the payments evenly between the links.

Payment pointers and meta elements

The first version of the Web Monetization spec supported both the <meta> and <link> elements. The <meta> element supported payment pointers written in shorthand form (e.g., $wallet.example/alice).

Now, Web Monetization only supports the <link> element. The <link> element does not support shorthand and requires payment pointers be in URL format (e.g., https://wallet.example/alice). In most cases, you can simply replace the $ with https://. However, we suggest entering your payment pointer into the input field on to convert it from shorthand to URL.