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Name v2.0 v1.0 GitHub
Astro Monetization
This Astro component simplifies the process of adding monetization links to your Astro sites.
Link to Astro Monetization's GitHub repo
Hugo Web Monetization Component
Theme component that enables Web Monetization on your entire Hugo website
Link to Hugo Web Monetization Component's GitHub repo
Monetize 11ty
An Eleventy plugin to monetize posts and site content by creating exclusive content areas
Link to Monetize 11ty's GitHub repo
Web Monetization plugin for Gridsome
Link to gridsome-plugin-monetization's GitHub repo
A Gatsby plugin for react-monetize to speed up your integration with Web Monetization
Link to gatsby-plugin-monetization's GitHub repo
Web Monetization API for Angular
Link to ngx-monetization's GitHub repo
Vuepress Plugin Web-Monetization
Adds a Web Monetization meta tag to your VuePress website
Link to Vuepress Plugin Web-Monetization's GitHub repo
Advanced Web Monetization testing library with powerful declarative API
Link to Tessy's GitHub repo
A minimal and lightweight wrapper for the Web Monetization API
Link to svelte-monetization's GitHub repo
Moodle Webmonetization Module
A plugin for adding a web monetization meta tag to your Moodle site
Link to Moodle Webmonetization Module's GitHub repo
Jekyll + Webmonetization
A Jekyll plugin for adding a Web Monetization meta tag to your site
Link to Jekyll + Webmonetization's GitHub repo
Pipe Web Monetization
Web monetize your WordPress website and access your revenue via an analytics dashboard
Link to Pipe Web Monetization's GitHub repo